Tribute Donors

The following list represents operating gifts received July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

In memory of Maher Assad
Awatef Assad

In honor of Cleveland Bridge Builders classes
Andrew Lowther (Class of 2021)
Alison Black (Class 2021)
Shannon Jerse (Class of 2016)

In honor of CLC staff
Tim Warsinskey

In memory of Peg Crosley
Michael Bennett
David Cash
Caitlin Clements
Bernie Gosky
Cindy Hall
Ann Harlan
William Hasler
Michelle Kane
Ira Kaplan
Frank & Rosemary Keaton
Judi Kovach
Betty and Alan Levine-Neustadtl
Kevin Moore
Karen O’Hearn
Theresa Palagonia
Beth Paoloni
Janet Voigt
Charles Weinberger

In honor of Look Up To Cleveland
Shannon Jerse

In honor of Ed Stockhausen and the CBB Class of 2019
Lola Gomez
Dorothy Moulthrop
Jim Sukys

In honor of Teddy and Gabby’s marriage
Judi Kovach

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